Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don’t Check Mark "Remember My Password" Boxes.

By Cesar Ortiz
Many programs offer the option of "remembering" your password. Unfortunately, many of them have no built-in security measures to protect that information. Some programs actually store the password in clear text in a file on your computer, tablet or laptop. This means anyone with access to the computer can use the password, especially if it is a stolen or misplaced notebook or tablet. Cellular phones, encrypt the password and mask the password entered with * signs, but, if you check “Remember my password” and you lose your phone, anyone can use your password. Make a habit to retype your password each time you log in eliminating the possibility that someone will be able to steal or use it.

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Marylin said...

Awesome blog and very straight forward useful hints. Continue keeping out the technical jargon so that us layman’s can understand.