Sunday, March 13, 2011

The OMG: GIRL KILLED HERSELF scam switches from Facebook to Twitter.

By Cesar Ortiz
Multiple sources are reporting that over the St. Patrick's Day weekend, over 9,000 Twitter users clicked this link re-tweeted or posted by other fellow Twitter users. The tweet is about “a girl who killed herself after her dad posted a message online”. For Facebook users this is a very familiar scam scheme.
If you clicked on the link inside the tweet to find more about this girl, you authorized and granted permission to an app written by this scammer to post messages to your wall.  The links begin to spread all over the place which pleases the scammers as they can either use their new access to post spam messages via your account and or earn money from online surveys, to say the least.
Twitter has warned users about the scam, and, the company that provides the short link and the short username, appears to have blocked the link. The scammer uses the username “ecigarmy”. This was not the only scam that ecigarmy had run on Twitter before being blocked. If you where unfortunate enough to click on user ecigarme links before they where blocked, you must run your Anti-Virus and your malware and spy detection programs.

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