Monday, July 11, 2011

Facebook “ Leaked Video of Casey Anthony Confessing to Lawyers “ Scam is Spreading Virally

By Cesar Ortiz
Crooks and criminals don’t care how they make money even when there has been a small child murdered. This fast (spreading in the thousands per hour) scam will promise a “leaked” video of Casey Anthony confessing to her lawyer. Casey Anthony was found not guilty last week in a landmark criminal case in the USA that provoked unprecedented public reaction. It was a matter of time until the scammers will attempt to profit with this sad happening.

Victims will receive a message from one of their friends with a picture of a sad Casey Anthony and to the right of the photo, the following text:

“BREAKING NEWS - Leaked Video of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer!

Click To See - She can't be re-tried, double jeopordy.. OJ all over again!

X minutes ago…”

Let’s pretend that you are the victim for a moment, if the victim makes the mistake of clicking on the “BREAKING NEWS” blue upper link, you will immediately and unwillingly begin sending the same message you received to all your friends at this time, therefore spreading the scam. As the next step, users will be taken to a very Facebook looking blue and white “Age Verification Screen” that says “ Are you older than 13 years of age? Click “jaa” bottom 2x to confirm and play video. By clicking jaa you certify that you have at least 13 years and that you do not violate the Terms of Service”.

Suspecting users will wonder where is the “jaa” button?  Jaa means “Share” in Finnish. The crooks want to spread the scam as worldwide as possible. There is no “jaa” button, but there is a “Play Video” button, so many will opt to see the video nevertheless and click on the “Play Video” selection. A YouTube looking screen will come out with another “Verify Your Age” Facebook looking fake pop up. This time the scammers want you to “verify your age by taking one sponsored survey that will only take 30-45 seconds and the chance to win a Toys R Us Gift Card! Or a FREE 500 gift card to spend at Argos” A real survey will show up and the scammers make money at this point. At the end of the survey you are taken to a news report page that says that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murder. Deception all over the place. Many will ask if the owners of the surveys are aware that users are taken the surveys by tricking and deception. We don’t know.

To clean this mess, victims should do the following:

(1)  Go to your Facebook page and select your “News feed” and delete the related post by clicking the blue “Remove Post” button.
(2)  Notify your friends to follow the same steps.

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