Friday, February 25, 2011

Yahoo! sign-in seal provides extra security.

By Cesar Ortiz
Hackers create fake web sites that look like those of real companies like Yahoo!, to trick you into disclosing your user name and password. These pages often look identical to the real page, so it can be hard to tell that you are on a phony, or "spoofed," site. Creating a Yahoo! sign-in seal for your computer will help you ensure that you're on a legitimate Yahoo! sign-in page each time you use that specific computer to sign in to Yahoo!. Just look for the custom text or image you set up on the computer. If it's not there, you might have landed on a "spoofed" site. Your Yahoo! sign-in seal is saved on the computer you created it on. Don't create a Yahoo! sign-in seal on a computer you share with strangers. Follow the following link to create a seal.

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