Monday, February 28, 2011

Work from Home Scams Target Those Looking to Earn Some Extra Cash.

By Cesar Ortiz
Think about it, It is reasonably obvious that this is a scam. Why are these people, who supposedly have the secret of generating a huge amount of money for little work, trying to get you to buy it? If it works, wouldn't they will be making all the money they need just doing it? Don’t fall for it. There are plenty of people who are looking for extra income who would probably love to spend a couple of hours each day, working from home, to earn a crust. But be careful who you choose - many of the online schemes are undoubtedly scams - either just running off with your sign-up money, snatching private information from you or giving you no real hope of ever generating a decent return for your time and hard on line work.Go to this link for excellent FAQ’s:

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i was able to photograph a Cash-In-Transit professional going about his work; the article is here:
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