Saturday, September 10, 2011

Facebook: ‘ AWESOME Video Nicole’s Baby Kicking – The Belly View – Unbelievable " Scam is Spreading Virally

By Cesar Ortiz
Scammers are now using a real YouTube Video of a real life Nicole with a baby kicking inside her belly while at the beach as an inspiration for a scam. The real video reached viral proportions and when we saw the real video it had 3,754,503  views. There is nothing wrong with that video. The lady is dressed in a two piece bikini type swim suit. In the scam, users will receive a post from a friend in her or his News Feed wall. The picture shown in the post appears to be a copy- paste of the original real Nicole picture. The post will have the following message:

Start of quote

"AWESOME Video "Nicole's Baby Kicking - The Belly View - Unbelievable"[link]
An amazing view of a baby kicking and moving his way out of the belly while at the beach."

End of quote

If you click on the "[link]" to see the video, you are directed to a page with three advertisings (money per click for the scammers) and an embedded video that looks very much like the original YouTube video. The first indication that this is a scam is that the page we are facing is not a YouTube page. The next indication of a scam is that in this page, there is a statement that says:

 "To watch the video" "Click Share and then click on the Share link button"

A big blue "Share" button is shown as the only option. Users who click on this "Share" button will immediately send this message to all the user friends, therefore propagating the scam. YouTube nor Vimeo or others video portals require that you share anything to view a video. There will not be any real video shown anywhere. So far, at the time of this writing, the only damage done is that you are taken to pay per click advertising sites without your consent. Beware that you have been presented this page by deception and that the deception may continue and escalate to more serious damages if you click on one of the advertisings that turns out to be a trap.

Users who are victims of this scam should do the following (1) Remove any related items from your Facebook Newsfeed wall  page  (2) Notify your friends and make sure you explain that you sent them the scam posting  unwillingly (3) Run your Anti-Virus in full mode and set it to real time scanning.

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