Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Facebook: “ Man in Wheel Chair Falls Down Elevator Shaft ” This Click Jacking Scam is Spreading Very Fast Worldwide

By Cesar Ortiz
Scammers intending to click jack your facebook account to force you to take surveys and take you to malware sites are using this latest attempt to incite facebook user’s curiosity on watching a specific video that in fact, you will never see. This scam is based in a real life incident that happened in Korea, The incident, which happened in August, was caught on security cameras in a shopping centre in Daejon, South Korea. The photo used in this scam appears to have been taken from that news clip. The scam begins when one of your friends sends you a post with what appears to be video with a play button embedded in a still photo of an elevator shaft security camera with the date-time stamped. The following text will appear:

Start of quote

Man in wheelchair falls down the elevator shaft *SHOCKING VIDEO*
This Video is really shocking. a man in a wheelchair is falling down the elevator shaft.”

End of quote

Users who click on the “Play” button of the video are sent to a facebook page with all the looks of a real facebook page. A blank black background of a video with a “Play” button is in the center of the page with the title “Man in wheelchair falls down the elevator shaft “SHOCKING VIDEO1”. As soon as a user clicks on the “play” button, a malicious malware script in the facebook page will tag the post as if you have “Like” it and will send the same message that you received to all your friends from your account, therefore propagating the scam.

After clicking the “Play” button on the “Shocking Video” screen something strange happens; another page will load with the elevator picture video in the background but in front of the video there is “facebook looking” message that says “You will not be allowed to continue until you have completed a survey” “Win an Ipad2!” and a “Complete” blue button for you to go to the survey or surveys or perhaps a high monthly fee cellular phone plan or worse. As I always say, you where taken there by deception, therefore, expect the worse. These guys are not angels.

Users who are victims of this scam should do the following (1) Remove any related items from your facebook Newsfeed wall page (2) Notify your friends and make sure you explain that you sent them the scam posting unwillingly (3) Run your Anti-Virus in full mode and set it to real time scanning.

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